How Will You Benefit from Your Club Subscription?

Save Time.
Accelerate Innovation.

Do you have enough time to find, order and learn how to use the best tools?
A decade of research has found that people’s number one block is “lack of time” and the second inhibitor is “lack of tools.” Therefore, the Tool of the Month Club is focused on giving members proven “time-saving innovation tools” that increase your ability to generate ideas or follow innovative processes.

Most people are very busy and don’t have time to find the best tools for their brains. Our Club finds the tools for you and delivers them hassle-free. Many people need to build a better network of people who know how to find and use the best tools to help them innovate. Our Club connects you with the people who created the tools so they can guide you to use their tools most effectively and enjoyably.

Our tools are time savers. Many people find that for every minute they invest in learning to use the tools, they save hours of time. Spend an hour learning to use the tool via a members webinar with the expert and save days of time on your innovation opportunities.


Save Money.
Increase Profits & ROI

Are you able to make enough money or profit from your ideas, and generate the highest ROI?
Creativity involves generating new or interesting ideas. Innovation requires implementation, execution and activation. Innovation is how you make money from your creative ideas. Our tools are selected because they inspire thinking that leads to innovation that translates into more profit and ROI (Return on Ideas).

also save money through discounts of up to 50% on select tools, webinars and workshops.


More Fun!

Do you have access to experts who can teach you how to have fun and apply innovative tools to your real world challenges?
Learning how to use new tools should be fun. Members get help from the experts who know how to have fun while using tools to work on difficult challenges. Every month, our Club gives you exclusive access to the tool creators via webinars, podcasts, email and newsletters to quickly and efficiently guide you on how to make the most of their tools.

When and Where Can People Use the Tools?
Tools are designed to be used by individuals working alone, in small teams or in large group meetings. Tools can be applied to business or personal situations. Many tools are based on how the human brain functions and therefore can be used by nearly anyone for almost any purpose. Discover 20 ways people can use our innovation tools.

20 Ways You Can Benefit!
People Have Used Our Tools to:

  1. Achieve Goals, Overcome Challenges & Solve Problems
  2. Understand Needs, Wants & Wishes in Less Time
  3. Create More & Better Ideas in Less Time
  4. Select the Best Ideas in Less Time
  5. Implement Better Ideas in Less Time
  6. Recognize, Reward & Appreciate Successful Results
  7. Engage Audiences & Customers to Learn & Achieve Goals
  8. Develop More Successful New Product & Service Ideas
  9. Sell Successful Solutions & Manage Objections
  10. Design Better Products, Services & Experiences
  11. Persuade More People to Buy & Support Ideas
  12. Develop Innovative Teams, Organizations & Cultures
  13. Ask More Powerful Questions to Inspire Better Ideas
  14. Design Inspirational & Experiential Spaces & Environments
  15. Facilitate Innovative Leadership & Teamwork
  16. Engage Minds, Hearts & Spirits
  17. Improve, Change & Follow Plans to Realize Your Full Potential
  18. Connect to Help with Goals, Challenges & Problems
  19. Use Imagery and Quotes to Inspire Creative Solution
  20. Convey & Connect Messages More Effectively


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