Who are the Experts and Innovative Tool Creators That Inspire Our Club?
We partnered with a worldwide network of innovation and creativity experts to form the Club, recommend tools, and lead our webinars. Some recommenders and creators are famous gurus who have written best-selling books or created tools. Others are as less well-known, but geniuses who have dedicated years to creating tools that can help you.

Below is a partial list of the experts who recommended tools considered for our Club. You may recognize their names because their brilliant brains created tools, books or innovators resources. Many of the recommenders and creators will also participate in Club webinars and podcasts and contribute to our Club newsletter.

Tool Club Recommenders & Innovation Experts

- Andy Van Gundy
- Ann Herrmann-Nehdi
- Allison Strickland
- Anand Chhatpar
- Andre De Zanger
- Anil Rathi
- Bill Moggridge
- Bryan Mattimore
- Charlie Girsch
- Chic Thompson
- Chris Raynes
- Chuck Frey
- Corinne Miller
- Dan French
- Dennis Heindl
- Doug Hall
- Ed Bernacki
- Edward De Bono
- Gareth Baker
- Gregg Fraley
- Guy Kawasaki

- James Gilmore
- James Theodore
- Jeff Mauzy
- Joe Pine
- John Nawn
- Jon Pearson
- Jonathan Vehar
- Joseph Miguez
- Joyce Wycoff
- Judith Morgan
- K.T. Connor
- Keith Schacht
- Ken Blanchard
- Kesavan Sampanthar
- Kirk Fleming
- Lance Secretan
- Mark Effinger
- Marty Baker
- Michael Gelb
- Min Basadur
- Michael Michalko
- Mitchell Ditkoff
- Pam Meyer
- Peter Lloyd

- Robert Alan Black
- Roger Firestien
- Roger von Oech
- Rolf Smith
- Rory O'Connor
- Sarah Caldicott
- Seth Godin
- Stan Gryskiewicz
- Stephen Covey
- Steve Grossman
- Sue Sampanthar
- Ted Coulsen
- Tom Aitken
- Tom Kelley
- Tom Kuczmarski
- Tom Peters
- Tony Buzan
- William Sturner
- Zach Kaplan

Organizations That Are Sources of Tools & Experts

- American Creativity Association
- American Management Association
- American Marketing Association
- American Society for Training & Development
- Association for Managers of Innovation
- Center for Creative Leadership
- Creative Problem Solving Institute
- Destination Imagination
- Innovation Network
- International Federation of Training and Development Organisations
- Linkedin Social Network of Innovators
- Product Development Management Association

Gerald "Solutionman" Haman
Gerald Haman

Club Founder is Gerald “Solutionman” Haman who has over 20 years of experience in developing results-focused innovation tools. He has personally sought advice from all of the tool Club recommenders. Haman is founding partner of SolutionPeople, developer of the Thinkubator in Chicago, and serves as an adjunct professor of innovation at Northwestern University. Formerly with Procter & Gamble and Arthur Andersen, he is the award-winning inventor of the KnowBrainer innovation tool that has proven to increase creativity by over 500%. Haman set world brainstorming records by facilitating 8,000 people in a Thinkathon™ to generate 454,000 ideas in 60 minutes at the Singapore stadium. 

He also created the world’s first innovative thinking program for the iPod (the PodBrainer) and developed a model for Continuous Innovation™ that is being utilized around the world. He has been profiled in 50 major news publications including FAST Company, The New York Times, Newsweek Japan and Investor’s Business Daily. Over 100,000 people in 26 countries have benefited from Solutionman’s innovation tools.



1966: Age 6
Created ABC Brainstorming Tool

1989: Age 30
Created Pocket Innovator
Founded SolutionPeople

1996: Age 36
Created KnowBrainer
Founded Thinkubator

2007: Age 48
Created iPodBrainer Founded Tool Club


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