How Much Should You Invest to Join the Club and Subscribe to Success?
When people ask “How much does it cost to join the Club?” some members reply It does not ‘cost’ anything! Memberships pay for themselves.” Your membership is an investment in yourself and your teams.

  • Invest only $60-$98 per month plus a nominal shipping and handling fee.
  • Pay 12 months in advance for $980 and get 2 months FREE and SAVE $196.
  • Subscribe for 2 years, Get 4 months FREE, SAVE $392 plus get the FlashBrainer software FREE ($500 value).
  • Enroll a “Team of 10” and get 4 months FREE, SAVE Thousands of Dollars plus get 10 FlashBrainer software eTool licenses for FREE (a $5,000 value).

 Select a Convenient Payment Plan & Earn More Savings Value

Member Benefits

Basic Plan

Advanced Plan

Master Plan

Ten Team Plan


Get Started
to Get Thinking

Commit to Your
Best Year Yet

Commit to Maximum Mastery

Team-Up to Tool-Up with 10 Innovators

Innovation Tool


Tool Training Webinar


Job Aid, Worksheets or Guide

Access to Club’s Social Network Community

Tool of Month Newsletter

Facilitate-to-Innovate™  Newsletter

Facilitate-to-Innovate™  Webinar

FREE FlashBrainer Innovation Software eTool ($500 Value)

Formulate-to-Innovate™ Newsletter


Formulate -to-Innovate™  Webinar

Collaborate-to-Innovate™  Newsletter


Collaborate -to-Innovate™  Webinar

90-Minute Team Coaching Webinar with Solutionman™






Annual Investment





Average Monthly Investment

+ S&H

+ S&H

+ S&H

$60 per person
+ S&H


Basic Plan
12 Tools in 12 Months

Advanced Plan
12 Tools in 12 Months

Master Plan
24 Tools in 24 Months

Ten Tool Team Plan
120 Tools in 12 Months

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How Can You Help Other People Join or Give Gift Memberships?
Many Club members know the importance of forming a “dream team” of innovators who use a variety of innovation tools. Click Here to invite other people to join the Club and expect to be thanked for a referral that reminds them of you every month!

What can you give to the person who already seems to have everything?
Give them a gift of continuous inspiration with a Tool of the Month membership!

How can you recognize or reward people for accomplishments and achievements?
Give them a membership in the Innovation Tool of the Month Clubs! Tools make ideal gifts for birthdays, holidays, graduations, and retirement and employee recognition awards. Surprise someone special for Thanksgiving, New Years, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Christmas, Hanukah and other special holidays.

Why Might People NOT Join the Club?
We know our customers are thoughtful and expect value. Occasionally, potential members express the following concerns:

“I already have enough tools, so why do I need any more?”
Abraham Maslow said, “If your only tool is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.” People have a wide variety of goals, problems and challenges and therefore, need a wide variety of tools. Research shows that the human brain benefits from diverse stimulus. Like athletes who cross train by using a variety equipment to exercise their whole body, innovators benefit from using a diverse collection of tools to exercise their whole brain.

“Value is important. I’am always analyzing value for my investments. Is the Club something I want to spend $98 per month or $998 per year?”
Memberships pay for themselves when users apply tools. Tool users have found that the value of the ideas generated by the tools far outweighs the investment. We encourage members to track the value of the ideas they develop and implement.


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