Innovation Tools of the Month

Who are Tool of the Month’s Competitors and How are We Different?
Unfortunately, there is not yet an Innovation Tool Club anywhere in the world. However, we did find hundreds of Clubs that provide books, food, and drinks. More than the Wine of the Month, Cheese of the Month or Chocolate of the Month Clubs, we provide “food for thought” that leads to real innovation every day, every month, and every year.

What are Potential Tools that Members Receive?
We have been creating and collecting tools for over 20 years. Some tools have not yet been released, others are new and a few are special, hard-to-find, or antique tools. On several occasions we have purchased tools that are no longer available to the public but are still very useful.

We constantly challenge ourselves to see through our customers eyes. Therefore, we know there are many sources for innovation tools, and they do not all come from one company or one person. We think it is important that members get a welcome “surprise” every month. Therefore, we do not share a list of selections in advance. However, rest assured that we have a plan for many years of continuous education and inspiration. Preview the following list of over 50 tools that members may receive.

- Ask Einstein
- Ball of Whacks
- Big Bucks Brainstorming System
- Brainstorm Bungee
- Bright Ideas
- Circles of Creativity
- ClipWords
- Creativity A La Card
- Design & Experience Innovator
- Do You Q
- Elements of Design & Beauty by Tom Peters
   (Rare Tool - Not Available to Public)
- Free the Genie
- Get Unstuck and Get Going System
- Headliner
- Idea Cue
- Idea Navigator Guide
- Innervison
- Innovation Activator
- Innovation Celebrator
- Innovation Creator
- Innovation Emotionator
- Innovation Evaluator
- Innovation Investigator
- Innovation Questionator
- Innovation Replicator
- Innovative Collaborator
- Innovative Communicator
- Innovative Decorator
- Innovative Emotionator
- Innovative Formulator
- Innovative Networker
- Innovative Questionator

- Innovative Quotemplator
Innovative Visualator
- Innovative Whack Pack
- InnovativeBrain iMusic
Inspiration iPod Brainer
- KnowBrainer Innovation Tool 4.0
- Leadership & Management Innovator
- Life & Career Innovator
- Marketing & Promotions Innovator
- Meeting & Event Planning Innovator
- MemCards
- Method Cards based on IDEO’s techniques
- Mind Manager
- Mind Map
- MindSights
- Musicate-to-Innovate
- Name Builder
- Namer
- New Product & Service Innovator
- PICL - Product Improvement CheckList
- Pocket Persuader
   (Rare Tool - Not Available to Public)
- PPO Cube
- Product & Service Innovator
- QuestionBanks
- Sales & Selling Innovator
- Seeing Outside the Box
- Speed-Relater
- ThinkCube
- ThoughtOffice
- ThoughtPath
- TRIZ Solution Cards
- Visual Thesaurus


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